Fundraising Completed for International Expansion

Fundraising - International Expansion

I am delighted to announce that we have closed another (significant and oversubscribed) fund raising round, this time to help us roll out ClickIQ internationally.

Following on from the phenomenal success and growth we have seen in the UK, we figured it was time to take the show on the road, so that the rest of the world can benefit from ClickIQ.

We completed the fund raising round in only 2 hours of meetings just before Christmas, but that’s mostly because we have the most amazing and supportive shareholders and Investment director who collectively share in our vision.

Our aim is to open offices in both the US and mainland Europe this year with “boots on the ground”

We are already working with some great clients in those markets already, with a product that is proven to deliver across some 60 countries.

So we will continue to help direct employers manage their recruitment advertising spend more efficiently, providing them with the latest Automation technology using Programmatic, Machine learning and a bunch of algorithms to optimise across an extensive performance media network of Job boards, Google and Facebook, in real-time.

About ClickIQ

ClickIQ is an Automated Talent Attraction Platform which uses AI and Programmatic technology to intelligently Manage and Optimise your recruitment advertising in real time, across an extensive network of performance based recruitment media. 

Saving recruiters significant time and money whilst also increasing their advertising reach.

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